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Football Fees for 2018


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See below for dues, fees, and equipment. Contact the SIOA association secretary for details. Click here for the bylaws. 

Local Dues

  • $40 per year.
  • If your record is not up to date, please contact the association Treasurer Josh Ragar. SIOA dues period runs from March 1st to February 28th.

State Fees

    • Iowa is the only state with a separate association for high school boys and girls sports. Requirement details can be found on each of the websites linked below.
    • IGHSAU is $45 for the school year, includes one sport, $12 for any additional sport and registration starting June 1. Each additional sport is $10. There is a late fee of $10 after July 16th for volleyball, basketball deadline is Sept 16th, and  softball deadline is March 16th.
    • IHSAA is $50 for the school year, includes one sport, due by May 31st. There is a late fee of $20 after June 1st. There is no late fee if you are new and registering after June 1st. Each additional sport is $12. High school and full-time college students are $20. A grade of 75% on the open book test is required for all sports.
  • IHSAA Patches – All patches are a dollar each with the exception of flags which are $1.50. Send a separate check for these to Boone if you need them, do not include money with your registration fees. See the IHSAA “Guide For Registered Officials In All Sports” for location of patches, along with uniform requirements.

Click here for the IHSAA contract template (.dot).